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Peter snags a bus to Oaxaca, finds a suitably cheap hostel and chills out in the plaza eating street tacos. inTransit ep. 9


Peter spends some time sitting in one of Oaxaca‘s central plazas, taking in the sights and sounds. Plazas and markets really show how people in an area live and interact with each other. Plazas not only offer a look into the city’s soul, but their street food vendors offer a glimpse into its stomach. Each region has its own “flavor.”





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eric warren

Eric is a travel writer, photographer and filmaker with an unhealthy love for all things transportation.

  • Lindsay Clark

    I’m gonna be there in two weeks! Thanks for giving me a sneak peak, Peter.

  • Peter Bragiel

    That’s great. Hope you have a fun time. The beaches are great. Didn’t spend too much time in Oaxaca City as you could tell. I saw a few older tourists shopping, panicked and got on a bus.

  • Lindsay Clark

    I hope we can hit up the beach. By the way, you’re shooter has to be Jake Viramontez. Saw him in the STA WTI contest. Nice video work!

  • Peter Bragiel

    YES! It is Jake Viramontez. Thanks, and enjoy the trip. Would love to see some photos or vids of your trip. You won last years STA WTI Contest, correct?

  • Maureen

    Nice! Hey, I’m going there soon and I think I’ll check out that hostel.

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