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On a grassy knoll overlooking a brilliant bay a deer grazes and I capture the perfect silhouette.


Wildlife spotting can be thrilling, it doesn’t matter whether you are on a African safari or exploring a local park. Of course capturing a great photo or a beautiful moment on video can take some preparation and luck but by bringing the tools of creativity along you are one step closer.



About The Author


Joshywashington is a Travel Media Ninja from Seattle who enjoys writing, climbing trees and strong coffee.

I want to see those things with my own eyes before they become a part of history.
From waves crashing against the Southern Coast to fields of tulips in bloom.
I have spent the past decade traveling nonstop around the world looking for birds.
A caiman crocodile meets a jaguar in Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands.
Someone affixed a small camera to an eagle to capture this footage.
Start your week with a few moments of meditative relaxation.
Let the Monday ulcers and wrinkles disintegrate like the clouds over a sunny Yosemite.
Golden jackals in Keoladeo National Park fighting over early morning rights to a decaying...
It's about the energy in between, the odd stops along the way, and the thoughts spurred...
Graham motors from Seattle to southern California, completing the first 12,500 mile leg...
Tom Lowe creates killer time-lapse footage of the desert southwest, United States.