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Glacier National Park Ranger Matt Graves discusses the challenge of climate change and the impact it has on the park and beyond.


Climate change is an issue that effects all of us first hand. As travelers we need to cultivate an increased awareness of our foot print and how we can make our journey as green as possible. How far would you go in the name of climate change? Voice your opinion and share ideas with other travelers. Discuss topics like “Is climate change a religion?” and “East v. West: Who’s Responsible for World’s CO2?”

Climate Change


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Joshywashington is a Travel Media Ninja from Seattle who enjoys writing, climbing trees and strong coffee.

  • Dusty J

    Excellent video. I could have talked to that guy all day. I have never met a park ranger that I didn’t like!
    Dusty J. S.

  • Julie

    Loved this video, Josh-pro.

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