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The massive, messy Spanish food fight is captured in all its splendor by Nick Vivion.


This is a crazy world! Ponderous parties and freaky festivals abound. Every culture is steeped in ritual religious and secular ceremonies . Because our rituals inform and enforce our culture it does every traveler well to sample the rituals of another people. La Tomatina is a perfect example of how to get up close and personal with local cultures and have a blast doing it!

Video created by Nick Vivion

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  • Lauren

    I wouldn’t recommend La Tomatina to anybody. I was there this past year (2009) and it was anything but fun, more like uncomfortable and scary. All the other women I talked to afterwards felt the same way. Most of the people there are actually English-speaking foreigners who come there to get drunk and submit to mob mentality. And getting ‘savaged’ by the locals is an understatement; the crowd became massively aggressive and one local held me to the ground, in 1/2 foot of tomato juice, while others around were either laughing or oblivious. My friends and I spent most of the time trying to get out and keep strangers from literally ripping our clothes off. It was very uncomfortable, not to mention the sting of the tomato acid everywhere. Again, I wouldn’t recommend. This festival has gotten way out of hand.

  • Ronda Hotels

    I remember when I moved to Spain, this was on the TV. I was confused and amazed by the thought of people just pelting tomatoes at everyone… crazy. :P If you’re allergic to tomatoes keep away! ;)

  • Staimoor41

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