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Whether on a boat, carriage, car, rickshaw, on foot or standing still, Myanmar will move you.


Whether you call it Burma or Myanmar, this Southeast Asian country continues to exhibit a simple charm and delicacy in the art of living. Regardless of the region’s politics, the people exude a sense of peace that is contagious amongst travellers to the area. This video displays such characteristics in a compelling way – soothing and magnetizing at the same time.


Memorias de Oriente

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Lindsay Clark

Lindsay Clark has spent the last four years circumnavigating the world three times, hoping to learn constantly by throwing herself into difficult and thrilling situations. Currently, she's the Media Specialist and newMedia Instructor at THINK Global School, the world's first global, mobile high school. Lindsay also runs

  • Nick

    I was wondering what song was in this video?? Lovely video and lovely song.

    • Lindsay Clark

      Agreed, Nick. I will try asking the video creators for the soundtrack title. Thanks for commenting!

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