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This is Brighton from Caleb Yule on Vimeo.

Go to Brighton if you ever get the chance. When I first saw this a while back I was drop-kicked in the face by nostalgia and a kinky fondness. It reminds me of summer days spiraling to a close, the meandering Laines, pedestrians content in traffic jams, an uncomfortable beach, clubs spilling out onto the streets.

Caleb Yule is a 15-year-old film-maker, editor, and cameraman (aside from making the rest of us feel old and talentless). He started this project after his 13th birthday capturing the feel of the city in its truest sense. 45,000 still shots later he released this ode to the UK’s smiling city on the sea.

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Dikson is a spoken word artist, writer and photographer from Zimbabwe. He spent the latter part of his youth in the UK, he has performed around Europe and Africa and has collaborated with jazz addicts, hip-hop heads, DJs and Italian guitarists. He works for Magamba Network in his hometown, Harare, and is the editor of the youth platform If you see him buy him a drink.

  • Sarah Shaw

    Amazing! I do feel old and talentless now.

    • Sarah O’Neill

      As my friends from my teenage years would say, ‘Age ain’t nuthin but a numba.’

    • Sarah O’Neill

      Also, @[795743947:2048:Stuart Blackadder] you should probably watch this.

    • Stuart Blackadder

      Beautiful, thanks Sarah.

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