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Timelapse footage of rock formations in the desert southwest, United States.


The desert landscapes of the southwestern US have a surreal, seemingly timeless quality. Shaped by erosion both by water and wind, these formations are anything but. In the coming millennia they will crumble and fall away, only to be replaced by new formations that will, hopefully, inspire and awe some distant, future generation.


Tom Lowe

Parks + Wilderness


About The Author

eric warren

Eric is a travel writer, photographer and filmaker with an unhealthy love for all things transportation.

  • Carolyn

    I loved the photography. Curious as to your choice of title –
    Yes , everything is returning to the earth. What will we leave?
    I am headed down to SE Utah this week. Time to reconnect with red rocks. Even as they fly away on wind and water, they give life.
    BTW you can help the land you photographed by asking your Senators to help America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act if you haven’t already.

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