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Timelapse brings Saigon’s infamous traffic to artistic new heights.

ANYONE WHO HAS been to Saigon, (or HCMC if you really must) will surely tell you about the traffic. Saigon’s moto mayhem is mythic in proportion. Millions of drivers, mostly on scooters, wend their way through the crowded intersections and enormous traffic circles.

I know this through experience, I have rode thigh-to-thigh inhaling the thick blue exhaust issuing forth from the countless scooters.

photo by Rob Whitworth

I rented a small bike and would commute 20 minutes daily though some of the very worst that Saigon traffic has to offer and from that point of view it was not the beautiful symphony of lights this video presents.

That is why I enjoy this video so much, it gives me a perspective on a city that I am familiar with from an angle that I had not otherwise seen. And shouldn’t that be the goal of all travel videos? To give the viewer something new, some new insight or way of seeing things?

A truly great travel video can coax magic from the humdrum, like the beauty of a traffic jam, and present it to the viewer as a discovery and a gift.

Video created by Rob Whitworth



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Joshywashington is a Travel Media Ninja from Seattle who enjoys writing, climbing trees and strong coffee.

  • Juliane Huang

    That was a pretty great timelapse. Loved the juxtaposition shots of night and day traffic as well as the lady in the motorized wheelchair (?) crossing the street. Straight craziness!

  • Meaghan Harvey

    Whoa neat. I’ve been in traffic in Saigon, I definitely never imagined that it could look this beautiful though!

  • Samantha Nicol

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  • Insider Perks

    Great video, always appreciate seeing new travel videos. From our perspective though, a travel video can be inspiring but also informative. They don’t always need to be both, they can be one or the other and still be quite good. As a company that constantly sees new travel content on a daily basis (and perhaps from your point of view as a travel writer) we often feel the need to be inspired even more than others who may only seek to be informed and inspire themselves through their own experiences later.

  • Thuy Vi Gates

    It’s always Saigon (where I was born) to me.
    I woke up in Saigon yesterday, and just returned to the States today. I visited Saigon 10 years ago when Vietnam had just opened its doors to travelers (mainly backpackers)–and oh my, what a new Saigon experience it is 10 years later.The first photo I took was on the night of my arrival from the Rex Hotel balcony of the traffic (in lowest shutter speed) in the park downtown. Watching the pattern of motorcycle lights around the traffic circle was mesmerizing, like watching a ferris wheel. And the repetitive ice cream cart music added to the carnivalesque atmosphere. 

    I arrived on a Saturday night (no traffic jam), returned on a Friday at 5 p.m. (traffic jam). So got to experience (the beauty) of both.

    Enjoyed your article, and thanks sharing the video.

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