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About The Author

Scott Sporleder

Since graduating from San Diego State University, Scott has dedicated 3 months a year to travel and photographing the world's unique cultures. While not on the road, you can visit Scott every summer at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. You can also view his travel photography at

  • Kate Siobhan Havercroft

    wow, a cameo from Wayne at the end! #superstoker

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Fine dining doesn’t have to involve white linens and a line-up of cutlery requiring a...
It's a story of deceit, torture, and perhaps most importantly, exile.
This video sheds new light on an otherwise un-thought-of boundary.
On May 8th, 2012, we set off on our 2,600-mile, 130-day expedition.
Grand Manan is an island ruled by the tides.
". . .a clean roadside 60 footer in British Columbia, but it wasn't all good."
I wonder if he does it pantsless like the rest of us?
Imagine scores of 12-foot whales jostling the underbelly of your wobbly boat.
The long tradition of conscientious objectors seeking asylum may be ending.