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Robin explores the ice-covered mountains of Iceland in this trekking adventure.


After hitting up a whaling/puffin-seeing/fishing tour near Reykjavik, Robin de Lange bounds over glacial rivers across Iceland‘s interior on a trekking adventure. Just try not to dream of ice climbing and snowmobiling after this film that’s all about the grandeur of nature. Gotta love anyone who can bring Iceland to our eyes!

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Robin de Lange

Trekking + Exploring


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Lindsay Clark

Lindsay Clark has spent the last four years circumnavigating the world three times, hoping to learn constantly by throwing herself into difficult and thrilling situations. Currently, she's the Media Specialist and newMedia Instructor at THINK Global School, the world's first global, mobile high school. Lindsay also runs

  • Ross

    Cool vid and I love the music from Talkie Walkie. What was up with that waterfall photo shoot in the middle??

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