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Matador Ambassador Chris Burkard is a rare talent. At a very young age he has created a look and feel to his photographs that is entirely his own. It is an aesthetic blend of studied landscape composition and action, a pulled back perspective that, in his words, “pays homage to these incredible places we find ourselves” and that “makes the landscape the hero.”

This short film, produced by the crew at Insivity, follows Chris through his daily routine as he seeks out inspiration and discusses his passion for landscapes and how to be challenged in your work.” It’s never enough just to observe,” Chris says. “I always want to be involved.”

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About The Author

Cody Forest Doucette

Cody Forest Doucette was born in the heartland of Wisconsin, raised in the mountains of Idaho and educated on the beaches of California at UCSB. Working with his twin brother, writer Kitt Doucette, he has spent the past six years circling the globe in pursuit of images and experiences which capture both the beauty of the natural world and the complexity of the human condition in the 21st century. You can find more of his work on his website,

  • Jessie Voigts

    This is incredible. I love the video, and how it shows a photographer hard at work. and bravo, to the amazing work of chris burkard, and videographer cody forest doucette. WOW!

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