1. Santiago de Compostela might be one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, but have you seen how narrow its streets are? Not to mention the cobblestones. They have their charm, sure, but forget about it -you could end up with a sprained ankle.

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2. You’d never get used to breathing fresh air or to not hearing the noise of the cars. As for walking among mountains and being in touch with nature… let’s just leave that to National Geographic documentaries.

3. Making new friends for life? Think about it, meeting people from different cultures and keeping in touch with them is way too complicated. You already have enough friends on Facebook.

4. Not to mention having to learn new languages to share advice and anecdotes with other pilgrims. Let’s be honest: improving your linguistic skills is only useful to make your résumé look a bit nicer.

5. Getting fit while discovering new places is not your thing. You prefer to exercise locked in the gym, with really loud music.

6. Why taste typical Galician gastronomy when you can feed yourself with fast, junk food?

7. You could witness the most beautiful sunrises you’ve ever seen, but you hate to wake up early. Besides, you are pretty sure those pics your friends walking the Camino are sending you have been modified with an Instagram filter.

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8. After reaching Santiago, some people decide to walk even further and go all the way to Fisterra. Don’t they have anything better to do? Those views are not so spectacular, and you’re not really attracted to an area also known as the ‘end of the world’.

9. A vacation plan so cheap and complete (beach and mountains!) can be tempting, but you know better. Cheap is never good. And what could be better and safer than a crowded beach?

10. All that walking… for this? Yes, you’re impressed by how high it is, and could spend hours analyzing every detail, but haven’t you heard about the Stendhal syndrome? You could get dizzy!

11. Carrying a photo camera is carrying unnecessary extra weight. Who would want to look at your pictures of idyllic landscapes? It’s not like this is the kind of experience you’ll want to remember all you life…