12 Reasons Why You Should Never Travel to Poland

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by Michael Bonocore May 6, 2015

From the bustling capital of Warsaw to the still shores of the Baltic Sea, Poland has something for almost everyone. Maybe that’s why it’s the 17th most visited country in the world by foreign tourists. But it’s not for everyone.

1. You aren’t a morning person.

By Pawel Uchorczak

2. You have a fear of eagles.

By Edwin Kats

3. You never really understood the appeal of the Baltic Sea.

By Trynidada

4. You get altitude sickness.

By Pawel Uchorczak

5. You prefer chaotic cities to the peaceful countryside.

By Slawomir Majchrzak

6. You don’t like morning strolls.

By Pawel Uchorczak

7. You rather not enjoy the epic views.

By Pawel Uchorczak

8. You find autumn colors boring.

By Szymon Bialic

9. You only like boring blue skies for your photographs.

By Piotr Krol

10. You prefer watching sunsets from your bedroom window.

By Lukas Malkiewicz

11. You prefer zoos over abundant wildlife.

By Marcin Perkowski

12. Adventure isn’t in your vocabulary.

By Karol Nienartowicz

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