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1. It’s easy to see Porto is nothing special.

Photo: Gabriel González

2. Its streets are too steep to even think about traveling there.

3. And why would you want to visit stores with traditional Portuguese products and designs?

A Vida Portuguesa store. Photo: Disquecool

4. Not to speak about those old art decó cafés, serving coffee since the 20s. They’re probably dusty.

Café Majestic. Photo: António Amen

5. You don’t understand why it’s been chosen the world’s best under-the-radar romantic destination.

Photo: Gabriel González

6. Street art? You won’t be fooled, that’s just vandalism.

Photo: r2hox

7. And you hate cities full of churches.

8. You’re not paying a hotel room to spend the night drinking in the coolest bars.

Photo: Yellow.cat

9. The last thing you want is to discover a city from a historic tram.

Photo: Chris Owen

10. And you’re definitely not crossing the bridge to Vila Nova de Gaia. You’d end up too tired.

Ponte Luiz I. Photo: Laura Suarez

11. It’s not worthy to cross just to take a selfie with the river on the background.

Photo: Ana Bulnes

12. Not even to visit their Porto wine cellars (and taste it afterwards).

Sandeman Wine Cellars. Photo: Alejandro Forero Cuervo

13. And what about that obsession with tiles? Everything is covered in tiles, from churches…

Photo: Chris Owen

14. …to train stations. Was it really necessary to depict the History of Portugal like that ?

São Bento railway station. Photo: Ana Bulnes

15. You’ve seen enough cathedrals in your life.

16. And you’re definitely not traveling that far to visit a bookstore.

Livraria Lello e Irmão. Photo: Michał Huniewicz

17. You don’t like old things, but this is a bit too modern. Why is the Casa da Música upside down?

Casa da Música. Photo: Jose Hidalgo

18. And you don’t share the fascination photographers and painters have for all those clothes hung out to dry. You know you wouldn’t even look at them.

Photo: Ana Bulnes.