Good morning, Wasaga Beach! You’ve just woken up in your lovely Shore Lane cottage rental, one of many to choose from along this 14km stretch of beach. Brew a pot of coffee and head on down to beach with your mug - a sure way to peacefully start your day, gazing off into the blue-green horizon of the Georgian Bay.


Perhaps your cottage rental is close to Beach #1 - the main strip. Have a little walk down there and check out the scene, the crowds start arriving early.


Beach #1 is where all the action is at, and is how most people know Wasaga Beach. There are shops with an array of colourful floaty water toys, restaurants and bars, motels, cabins, and all kinds of activities you can book, from jet ski rentals to water skiing lessons, and even skydiving! If you’re looking for high action and bustling crowds, this is the place to be.


If you’re looking for a quieter, more natural experience of Wasaga, you’ll find it 14km east of Beach #1, along stretches of soft sandy beach. Past Beach #6, you’ll find a few campgrounds and trailer parks. The beaches are less crowded here and look a bit more like this.


You’re going to want to immediately get in the water, it’s pretty hard to resist! The warm, clear blue-green Bay is famous for its shallow depths making it so fun for all types of water lovers, especially kids.


Maybe you brought your canoe? Or your cottage rental or campground supplies them? Get on out there, and spend mid-morning on a gentle relaxing paddle.


How about a little break from the beach for a late morning visit to the Oxbow on the Nottawasaga River, about a 5-10 minute drive from pretty much any beach. Here you will find towering sand dunes with amazing views, as well as some fun hiking and biking trails.


I bet you’re getting hungry now! Head on back over to the main strip and check out the local set-up of old trailers turned into colourful new food trucks. Here you can take your pick, from poutine, to healthy smoothie bowl options, freshly squeezed juices, burgers and fresh coconuts.


Did you bring your paddleboard? Hope so! This beach is heaven for standup paddleboarding - head on out after lunch and catch some rays on your board.


If you don't have a paddleboard or have never tried it, call Free Spirit Tours to book an intro lesson, go for a sunset SUP or rent a board and tour down the Nottawasaga River! You’ll be happy you did.


If it happens to be windy out, head on over to Beach #5 and watch the kitesurfers, they put on quite the show. Better yet, bring your own or pre-book a lesson. If you have a surfboard (longboards work best in the summertime), bring it along and try Great Lakes Surfing - guaranteed you’ll get addicted.


Feeling snacky in the mid-afternoon? Go to Grandma’s Beach Treats near Beach #3! This place has a lineup out the door on weekends. Close to 50 flavours of ice cream, colourful tasty popcorn treats, fudges, sundaes, toffee - all mouthwatering. Don't forget to ring the big brass bell on your way out if you are happy with the service! When it’s busy the bell is dinging off the hook – it’s hilariously entertaining.


For sure, bring your snorkel to explore the clear water and chase minnows. You’ll spend so much time in the water, you’ll be super water-wrinkly at the end of the day, guaranteed.


It’s getting close to sunset and dinner time. Bring your hibachi BBQ or a picnic dinner to the beach. You’ll definitely want to stick around the beach at this magnificent time of day. The water is even warmer now from the sun hitting it during those peak hours.


Head out for an evening kayak and watch the sunset from this gorgeous perspective, with the Blue Mountains in the background.


As you watch the sun dip behind the horizon of the Georgian Bay, you’ll know you’ve had the full-on, authentic Wasaga Beach experience.