I TAKE exception to the headline that I first saw the below video under at Huffington Post. It reads: It Doesn’t Get Much More Canadian Than This. Well, I call bullshit. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the video (it’s alright), or that it doesn’t accurately portray a portion of the Canadian population. But it definitely doesn’t represent what I’m most familiar with, that being the West: British Columbia.

I grew up in Vancouver and I never had regular contact with Canadians who talk like this growing up. The only ones I’ve ever met here who do are from “back east” (this is how anyone who’s from Ontario, where this video was filmed, seems to refer to it, even though Ontario is more central-eastern Canada — the Maritime provinces actually being East). The West coast culture is more aligned with that of western USA — places like Seattle, Portland, California — than that of eastern Canada (perhaps with fewer guns). Sure, we love hockey and plaid flannel, but we generally don’t go “out for a rip, eh?”

So maybe the headline should read something more like “It Doesn’t Get Much More Eastern Canadian Than This.” In any case, think what you will of Canadians, but I just wanted to point that out on behalf of all other Canadians who don’t particularly resonate with this. And to be fair to the filmmakers they didn’t set out to make this all about Canada, it was HuffPo that did that.

*Lots of f-bombs dropped in this vid, so if you’re at work, use headphones. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.