Look at all these innovative security features!

For those of you running a counterfeit Canadian money scheme, a word of advice: reconsider.

The Bank of Canada just announced it’s brand new, super-high-tech, really-effing-safe 100 Canadian dollar note made of plastic polymers, among other things that sound pretty scientific. So unfortunately, the Canadian equivalent of Benjamin Franklin is about to get a lot less black market face-time. (In case you were wondering, it’s Sir Robert Borden.)

It’s unclear why the Canadian government decided that the best use of public money was to make probably one of the least-copied currencies in history even more secure. Perhaps its to display a tech-forward policy; perhaps there are plastic companies taking big contracts; or maybe, just maybe, it’s an effort to dispel rumors that Canadians have just been using USD all along.

Regardless, the video below is a hilariously informative look at everything you never wanted to know about Canadian money. Feel the raised ink. Note the large number. The transparent, frosted maple leaf window. If the clouds and epic music doesn’t get you going, check out the final line of defense at around 1:50.

It should be noted that comments were disabled for the video.

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