I first moved to Prague in the winter of 2008. As a disgruntled New Yorker used to dealing with piles of gray, slushy snow, I was not looking forward to what locals referred to as “a city more charming in winter than anywhere else in Europe.” Snow is the worst thing in the world, in my opinion. But the Czechs were right. They were so right.

Christmastime in Prague is sensory overload. Snow there doesn’t stick the same way it does back in New York — it gently coats the 13th century buildings, making Prague truly look like the fairytale city most travelers refer to it as. Combine that with some epic markets, live music on every corner, hot wine, and good beer, and I’ve since accepted that yes, Prague is the best place to be at Christmas, as evidenced by this short film that creates some massive Czech-stolgia for me.

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