I REMEMBER RETURNING TO MY APARTMENT a few days after Hurricane Sandy; it looked as though someone had set off a bomb in my one-bedroom home. I cried more than I want to admit, and the recovery period seemed never ending. I am definitely more sensitive to events such as this, and my heart goes out to the people affected by Hurricane Odile, which hit areas of Baja California on September 14, 2014.

Stories by stranded American travelers are starting to emerge; I could tell that the situation was terrifying, and the emotional damage very present. Lines at the international airports for emergency charter flights were over a mile long, and passengers had to wait outside on the tarmac in the hot sun for hours.

But what really concerns me is the state of the locals in these areas. While the vacationer experience seemed harrowing, at least they have a places to go back to; many residents of Cabo will have damaged homes, or become homeless, and will be out of work while the resorts begin an arduous recovery period.

Please take some time to think about how you can help relieve the stress inflicted on these areas of Mexico. Matador will post helpful resources as we collect them:

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