I’ve never been in a situation where I’m being charged by a one-ton horned mammal, but if I was, I can almost guarantee my response would be to soil myself and then curl up screaming into a small, easy-to-trample ball on the ground. I would almost certainly not respond as Kim Wolhuter did.

Wolhuter is a Zimbabwean filmmaker and former game ranger who, on an excursion in the African bush to shoot film for the Discovery Channel show, “Man, Cheetah, Wild,” caught sight of a rare and dangerous black rhino. Ignoring all common sense and reason, Wolhuter moved closer to the rhino to get a better shot, and the rhino got nervous and charged. Instead of responding normally and running like a lunatic for cover, Wolhuter decided to stand his ground, displaying either incredible testicular fortitude, or a desperate desire for immortality in the pages of The Darwin Awards.

You should absolutely watch the entire stand-off, but jump to mark 1:41 to see a man ignoring every basic instinct mankind has ever had, and to mark 2:18 to see what a cool-headed badass looks like.

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