THERE WAS A TIME when I doubted the power of protest in 21st century political movements. They seemed to have more of an effect in the 1960s and 70s, but Occupy Central’s fight for universal suffrage has me thinking otherwise. The basis for the protests, led by students and others in Hong Kong wishing to distance themselves from Mainland China, is peaceful and thought-provoking.

Whereas Occupy Wall Street was a pastiche of a few hundred people milling about Zuccotti Square each day (some fighting for economic equality, others taking thinking it more of a tourist attraction), Occupy Central has already seen a sit-in protest of over 13,000 students, and aims to continue the peaceful protests through the end of this week. The drone footage, captured by Apple Daily news, provides an eye-opening look at the enormity of these protests.

You can learn more about the Occupy Central movement here.

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