A long time ago I realized that I had ideas about people and places I only knew about through second hand sources.

I began to wonder if I had any wrong perceptions.

I could educate myself from afar, but all the material would be biased by the perception of the author/creator.

The other option was to have direct experiences.

So I found myself on an almost fifteen year quest (to almost 35 countries so far) to encounter not-yet-familiar humans, cultures, religions, animals, plants and landscapes.

I share the essence of my explorations through creativity – painting, photography, public speaking and writing.

In the backdrop always I’m conscious of being the eldest male in an unbroken lineage of rabbis reaching back a couple thousand years.

As I had almost no contact with anyone outside of the Orthodox Jewish community until my late 20’s, I am able to explore almost anything with the wonder-filled eyes of a child and the mind of a mature educated adult.

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