New law will allow Cubans to own and sell any car, any year.

UH OH. Tourists are going to have one less thing to photograph when they travel to Cuba. Yesterday the Cuban government officially legalized the purchasing and selling of all cars to its citizens. Until now, unrestricted sales were limited to vehicles pre-1959 (the year of the revolution).

Among tourists, Cuba has become synonymous with ’50s classic cars like the Chrysler Imperial. Pick up any given article about Cuba and you’re bound to see an image of one. When I biked around the country in 2010 I took my fair share of them too. It’s hard not to.

Under the new law Cubans will be allowed to own a vehicle of any make and year and also to own more than one. The move seems to be another step in progress towards a bigger private sector. Last year the government announced that it was laying off a million government workers and pushing them into private businesses to try to stimulate the economy.

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