JARED LETO picked up the award for best supporting actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club’s at Sunday’s Oscars. His acceptance speech has been deemed one of the most perfect and gracious award acceptances to date. Leto is the first actor to ever acknowledge two current world events dominating the international media.

In his speech Leto offered a message of support to the people of Ukraine and protesters in Venezuela. Leto said:

To all the dreamers out there around the world watching this tonight in places like the Ukraine and Venezuela, I want to say we are here and as you struggle to … to make your dreams happen, to live the impossible…we’re thinking of you tonight.

Reporters backstage caught up with Leto and he offered reasoning for his comment:

“Number one, because it’s important to me, Number two, because I think it’s appropriate to the material, to the story, to the film. And number three, because you have an opportunity when you stand on this stage. You can make it about yourself or you can hold up a mirror and shine a light, and that’s what I chose to do tonight. I mean, because of Thirty Seconds to Mars, because I’m in a band, how many people are here from outside of the — of the USA? Quite a few of you. Okay. Good. I’m at home then. But I feel at home all over the world. And you know, for me, these global issues impact us in a really direct way.

“We have a show in the Ukraine in a couple of weeks,” Leto said. “We have a show in Thailand in a few weeks. We had a show in Venezuela in the works. So, these things, social unrest, you know, social issues like this affect us in a really immediate way. So, I felt on behalf of the people that I interact with on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook, and my own interests as, you know, a global — being a person in a global band, it was important to address those things.”

Unfortunately for the people of Russia, the state-controlled network Channel One cancelled it’s live coverage of the ceremony in order, they claim, to allow news space to the crisis in Ukraine.

In a statement, Channel One said: “Due to the large amount of news concerning the situation in Crimea and Ukraine, and the audience’s rising interest in news programs, Channel One considers it impossible to air the Oscars ceremony for five hours, particularly in the morning.”

The spokesperson added that a recorded version of the awards would be aired on Tuesday.

Critics of Russia’s propaganda on state channels have suggested that the cancellation of the ceremony was politically motivated.

The Guardian reports that Channel One “reaches 99% of Russian households and pulls in a 19% audience share. State-owned broadcasters have been unwavering in their support of president Vladimir Putin’s intervention in Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, which has a majority Russian population.”

Further allegations have proclaimed when the broadcast was finally shown, Leto’s comments were dubbed over to remove mention of Ukraine.

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