Is this truck driver a genius, or just lazy?

The first time I saw this video, I wasn’t sure whether it was really from Taiwan. I thought it might be from some remote town on the Mainland. But the blue trucks driving around in the background and traditional characters on the street signs clearly show that this insanely talented truck driver hails from the Ilha Formosa.

People in Taiwan have lots of uses for bamboo, everything from construction scaffolding to teaware to a snack traditionally served doused with mayonnaise. It’s impossible for me to say exactly where in Taiwan this video was shot, or to make a guess about what the bamboo will be used for. It looks more like construction bamboo than eating bamboo to me, and since it’s being delivered to a random roadside stop, I’d hazard a guess it won’t turn into the polished bamboo teaware sold in Yingge.

If any of your friends in Taiwan might be able to help identify the location of the video, or speak to what this bamboo might be used for, share this post with them. I’m curious to learn more about the practice, and would even go see it in person if it’s something done on a regular basis.


Question of the day: I’ve previously posted about shocking behavior caught on Russian dashboard cams, and my question to you all after seeing this is — what other insane automobile videos are out there from the far corners of the earth?