Give them credit. It looks a little more realistic than Godzilla.

“ALWAYS BE PREPARED.” It’s not just a Boy Scout motto – the staff at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo apparently live by this saying as well.

The zookeepers and police recently conducted an emergency drill on dealing with an escaped rhinoceros. Clearly the logical way to handle such a drill was to have two workers suit up in an enormous papier-mâché rhino while others poked it with sticks, shot at it with fake dart guns, and eventually netted it, all with a demeanor so calm it suggests a tranquilizer was taken by everyone involved.

    “A lesson was learned after the disaster at the nuclear plant in Fukushima,” says the zoo’s director in the Associated Press video. “You should never be too confident about security measures, so it is important to put in practice in daily operations to be prepared for something that is unexpected.” ~Yahoo!

Sky News states that Ueno Zoo has only had four animals escape in the last fifty years. If it happens again, let’s hope the real rhino is this sedate.