1. ‘Yer erse is oot the windae.’

Translation: You’re out of luck.

2. ‘They’ve a face like a skelpit erse.’

Translation: That person has a face like a smacked bottom.

3. ‘That’s pure manky/mankin/mingin/boggin/mockit.’

Translation: That’s not nice.

4. ‘If patter wis water you’d droon.’

Translation: You talk too much.

5. ‘Is the cat deid?’ or ‘Yer troosers are heavy budgied.’

Translation: Your trousers are too short.

6. ‘He/she’s a Skinny Malinky Longlegs!’

Translation: He/she’s very thin.

7. ‘I’ll smash ye in yer puss.’

Translation: I’ll punch you in the face.

8. ‘Gie it laldy!’

Translation: Give it your all!

9. ‘He/she’s an awfy blether.’

Translation: He/she’s talks too much/ he/she’s a gossip.

10. ‘Dinnae teach yer Granny tae suck eggs!’

Translation: Don’t tell your me/someone how to do such and such.

11. ‘Fa’ on yer kisser.’

Translation: Fall flat your face.

12. ‘Keep yer heid!’

Translation: Keep calm.

13. ‘Haud yer wheesht’, ‘Shut yer geggie’, ‘Shut yer gub/gob’, or ‘Keep shtoom.’

Translation: Please be quiet.

14. ‘Ah dinnae ken.’

Translation: I don’t know.

15. ‘Gonnae no’ dae that!’

Translation: Please do not do that.

16. ‘Ma heid’s mince.’

Translation: My head’s a little mixed up.

17. ‘Yer oot yer face, yer fleein, yer blootered/blooters.’

Translation: You’re drunk.

18. ‘Yer aff yer heid.’

Translation: You’re crazy.

19. ‘Ya dancer.’

Translation: Hooray/yippee!

20. ‘Day/dinnae get yer sel in a fankle.’

Translation: Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

21. ‘Yer a numpty bawbag.’

Translation: You’re an idiot.

22. ‘He/she looks gey peely wally.’

Translation: He/she looks a little pale.

23. ‘A’m ferr puggled.’

Translation: I’m exhausted.

24. ‘Fit a bonnie haddock/cheil/quine’

Translation: What a good-looking person / man / woman.

25. ‘Fit a loon.’

Translation: What a silly person.

26.’Michty me!’

Translation: Oh my!

27. ‘That’s pure honkin/hummin/bowfin.’

Translation: That smells unpleasant.

28. ‘I’ll gie ye a skelpit lug.’

Translation: I’ll clip you around the ear.

29. ‘Awa an bile yer heid.’

Translation: Sort yourself out.