MAPS ARE ONE OF OUR BEST TOOLS for understanding the world. Fortunately for us, now that we’re in the internet age, virtually anyone can make them and post them for the world to see. As a result, there are an absolutely insane amount of maps conveying an almost infinite amount of information available on the internet.

Whether it’s talking about the cartels of Mexico, the drinking habits of the world, which countries you’re most likely to get a poisonous snakebite in, or whether France thinks of your country more as a guy or a girl, here is a small collection of some of the best maps we’ve found on the internet over the past couple of months.


Google obsessions by country

What the world's obsessions are, according to Google searches. Larger version available here. Via Fixr, a cost estimating website.


The average color of every country's flag

If you blended all the country's flag colors together. Via


Where the mobile homes are

The percentage of housing units in each district that are mobile homes. Via


Unemployment around the world

Countries with serious unemployment problems. Via


The world's highways -- and nothing else

Africa basically doesn't exist on this map. Via


Where the hungry people are

The World Food Programme on where hungry people are. A larger version available here.


Countries with a debt crisis

Where debt is a really bad problem. Via


Most frequently used unique words in each state's Wikipedia entry

New York: always overshadowed by the City. Via


The Gender of Each Country in the French Language

In the French language, which countries are referred to in the Masculine, and which in the Feminine. Via


The Legality of homosexuality over time

In 1966 and now: Congratulations on your progressivism, North Korea! Via


The least corrupt countries

This map cuts off New Zealand, which is actually the second least corrupt country in the world. Via


The territories of the Mexican cartels

Mexico's deadly drug cartels, by territory. Via


Venomous animals by state

Don't mess with snakes in Texas. Via


Venomous animals around the world

Now we know which countries to avoid. Via


Countries by alcohol consumption

Where the drinkers are. Via


The Human Development Index, by State

Where the states rank on the human development index. Via


Islas Malvinas vs. Falklands: Where each country stands

Red countries support Argentina, cyan countries are neutral, and blue countries (mostly commonwealth countries) support the UK. Via


Where do the foreigners live?

Where people born outside of the country live. Via


The difference in GDP along borders

The places where the third world meets the developed world at the border. Via


Where water is a problem

The countries facing the worst water shortages. Via


The world's Marxist-Leninist states

Dark red are current Marxist-Leninist states, orange are former. Via


Hangover days

Who leads the country in "sick days" used for hangovers. Via


Which countries give the most?

Where people are the most charitable (in money spent and time volunteered). Via


Which states allow concealed carry

Only five states let you carry a concealed weapon without a permit. Via


Countries where birth automatically grants citizenship

Most countries do not automatically grant citizenship to people born there. The ones that do are primarily in the western hemisphere. Via


Places France controlled

All of the areas that France has ever controlled. Via


The United States of windpower

Where windpower is available in the US. Via