An advert from New Zealand which warns against driving on drugs has taken off online, mainly because it stars three hilarious child actors, but also because it has sparked debate about the use of cultural stereotypes in anti-drug campaigns. This ad plays on the stereotype of Maori drug culture in family life, splitting popular opinion in NZ between those who think it poorly represents Maori society and those who think it is hilarious and “spot on.”

The little bros sit in a car imitating the various driving styles of their “baked” dads, debating which is the more hilarious drug driver in thick Kiwi accents.

One of the most popular parts of the ad is when the two boys pretend they’re sitting at a set of traffic lights.

“Light’s green bro.”

“Oh, yeah yeah yeah…”

There is a poignant moment at the end of the ad, when one of the boys appears to reflect on the danger of driving while under the influence. Driving on drugs is just as dangerous as driving while drunk and this advert really gets the message home, but in a lighthearted and thought provoking manner.

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