Stop. Stop what you’re doing. Quit the shit job you’re working at to save up money for your next big trip and start learning to beatbox instead. Because apparently beatboxing is a way to pay your way around the world. Dave Crowe, the beatboxer in the video above, is one half of Heymoonshaker, a nomadic beatbox/blues busking duo. The two met in New Zealand and started doing street performances together, using their earnings from busking to pay their way around the world.

This video was taken in London’s Brick Lane, where the duo performed back in 2011. Check out the 4:05 mark if you’ve ever wondered if a human voice can sound like a didgeridoo, and the 6:58 mark if you want to see the man beatbox while also playing the harmonica. Watch the first video in this series to hear about how they get around.

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