YEAH, THERE’S great food, stunning scenery, interesting cultures, and impressive architecture out there in the world. But what really connects us all — and what most of these things are extensions of — is our humanity. In this latest video by foodie filmmakers The Perennial Plate, they put that humanity at the forefront by focusing on the people behind the production of food in Turkey.

I may feel an emotion when I eat a tasty meal or see some captivating art, but when I see other people — especially those I don’t have regular contact with (i.e., people from other countries) — flash a smile or stare proudly or look forlornly, I feel a sense of belonging to a tribe that spans the entire world. It reminds me of just how “human” we all are, as obvious as that sounds, and how important it is to treat each other with respect and compassion, as if everyone were a part of the same global family. Because in many ways we are: