Photos from China’s rapidly changing capital city.

China's National Theater, also dubbed The Egg

1. Workers climb China's National Theater, dubbed "The Egg", on a rare blue sky day


View onto the city from the Summer Palace

2. A view onto the city from the Summer Palace.


Chinese couple in Western wedding dress

3. Western weddings are all the rage among China's young and wealthy.


Swimmer resting near Houhai Lake

4. A swimmer takes a break near Houhai Lake.


Nap in central Beijing

5.Midday naps anywhere and everywhere are a common site around Beijing.


Man holding lap dogs, Houhai Lake

6.Dogs, once banned as a bourgeois vice under Chairman Mao, are now back with a rage.


Chinese man peeking at The Bird's Nest

7.A migrant worker sneaks a peek at The Bird's Nest, China's Olympic Stadium.


Waiters in Santa hats by Houhai Lake

8.Waiters and waitresses at a restaurant in the touristy Houhai area receive a pep talk before starting work.


Woman holding portrait.

9.A Chinese woman shows her recently sketched portrait.


Girl hula-hooping in hutong.

10.A girl hula-hooping in a hutong, or traditional Chinese alleyway. The hutongs are rapidly giving way to mega-boulevards and apartment complexes.