WHEN I THINK OF CANALS, I envision these tiny, man-made channels of water big enough only for a single cruise ship to sail through at one time. That’s pretty much true — even at 673 feet wide, vessels can only pass through in one direction on the Suez Canal (although construction has begun to allow simultaneous passage by the summer of 2015).

So it baffles my mind that, even with as much space and regulation as there is for this passage, these two ships could possibly get close enough to actually crash into each other; at least three containers were lost to sea between Germany’s MV Colombo Express colliding with Singapore’s MV Maersk Tanjong. I thought the highlight of the video was really the chorus “Ohhhhhhhh!”s similar to the sounds of frat guys watching an episode of Tosh.0.

H/T via EuroNews