It appears that, finally, the prominence of cat videos on the internet are being rivaled by another internet phenomenon: Russian dashcams. Dashcams are cameras placed on the dashboard of a car, and are very popular in Russia as insurance and anti-corruption measures. Their intention is to protect their drivers from, say, psychopaths on the road, or cops soliciting a bribe, or from insurance companies who aren’t willing to pay out in the case of a crash.

An unintended side-effect has been the creation of an entire sub-genre of videos of bizarre things caught on dashcam — such as the recent Chelyabinsk meteor, or the time a guy got his cell phone smashed after he caused an accident (be warned: if you decide to Google search dashcam vids, many of them are essentially gruesome snuff videos). The Russians have even created their own lingo based on the videos. My personal favorite is the honorific “Anus of Concrete,” which refers to someone who stays insanely calm under pressure.

Take this video of a man crashing his car into a river. His conversation with the passenger is translated thus:

“Oh, we float!”

“Where we go?”

“I don’t know, maybe to the shore.”

“Don’t steer the wheel, it is useless.”

Congratulations, sir. You have an Anus of Concrete.

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