THIS BEAUTIFUL loggerhead turtle was making her journey hundreds of miles to the place she was born when she was attacked by dogs. A passerby found her and contacted ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece.

Treated and rehabilitated, she was released back to Mediterranean Sea at the Costa Navarino Resort in Pylos, Greece. I was able to be there and I wanted not just to capture the journey back to the water, but the human interaction — the throngs of people there to cheer the turtle on.

As fate would have it, they scheduled the release at the same time as golden hour, when the light would be perfect, warm, and soft. To get this shot, I moved beyond the last photographer in the line and actually stepped into the water. I got low and wide and was able to capture the turtle, the water lines, the faces, and the shadows all in one frame. I am really pleased with this image and the mood it conveys, and to top it all off, this image made it to the Daily Dozen on National Geographic’s website.

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