YOU DON’T NEED AN EXPENSIVE SPACESHIP to find out what the Earth looks like from space. Just send a space traveler like Sam, an adorable stuffed dog, attached to a giant helium balloon and a GoPro camera. This is what a group of schoolchildren from Morecambe Bay Community Primary School, UK, did last week as part of a science project. Sam the Dog was sent into space, reaching an altitude of 15.5 miles before starting descent back to Earth.

The bad news? Even though he was also wearing a GPS tracker, Sam the Dog must have lost it and is now missing. The GPS and camera were found in a field 30 miles away from the launchpad, but Sam wasn’t there. The schoolchildren have mounted a campaign on Twitter using the #FindSam hashtag. If you find a toy dog who looks like he’s just returned from a space mission, please let the school know. You’ll get a night at Morecambe Bay’s Midland Hotel as a reward.