A photographer’s travels in Bolivia and Peru, working on a documentary project about miners.

IN 2006 AND 2007 I TRAVELED around South America with a heavy typewriter and a bag of film, intermittently working and settling in places I liked.

I came back with piles of papers and negatives, a strange Spanish accent, and a slew of projects to do. One of these which I’m finally getting around to now is a photo documentary project about the miners of Potosi, Bolivia. A place of superlatives both exciting and terrifying – highest city in the world, used to be richest city in the world, biggest silver deposit, poorest city in Bolivia now – Potosi is a historical wonder struggling to stay afloat both in reality and in our collective memories.

I want to tell its story as it stands now, keeping in mind its historical context and its uncertain future. But I need some help! Please help fund this project and get prints in exchange: you can find more information at Kickstarter.com. Below are photos from my last trip.


Homage to La Paz

Two women look on during an homage to La Paz in Tarija, Bolivia. A giant military procession was led by a small Virgin Mary statuette dressed in camouflage.


Woman in La Paz

A woman looks on during the Homage to La Paz, Tarija, Bolivia.



A miner rests outside his shaft at the Cerro Rico mine, in Potosi, Bolivia. Although there are rails, most ore-filled trolleys have to be pushed along them manually.



Kids play during sunset in Potosi, Bolivia.


Snack stand

A man talks to a departing bus (not seen) in front one of the ubiquitous snack stands found throughout Bolivia.


Mother's Day

During Mother's Day in Cusco, Peru, children put on shows for the extended family's mothers during a cookout.


In La Paz

Andres, from Chile, in front of a restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia.


Hostel Uyuni

A hostel in Uyuni, Bolivia.


Bridge in Peru

Every year this bridge, hanging over the Apurimac River, in Peru, is rebuilt during a festival dedicated to it. The technique and location is the same as those used by the Incas.



A boy stops to pray at one of the stations of the cross at a pilgrimage festival held at the base of Mount Ausangate


Pilgrimage festival

Horses and people mingle in the camp that sits at the base of Mount Ausangate, during a pilgrimage festival.


Machu Picchu

Jose Gabriel, from Lima, visits Machu Picchu for the first time. Peru.



A girl who attended a non-profit funded school, in Cusco, Peru.

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