“We were forced to work on these machines.”

JONATHAN CORBETT has already proved you can get anything through TSA scanners. He called the “nude body scanners” a “giant fraud,” and claims to have spoken with TSA employees who agree with him.

In this video, Jonathan chats with an anonymous TSA screener of four years going by the name “Jennifer” who says she’s witnessed the scanners fail, both in training and in actual use. She also claims that the TSA forced workers who weren’t properly trained to operate the scanners, including herself.

Photo by Inha Leex Hale

I actually went to my supervisor — or a supervisor — the first day. I and another officer had this concern, that, you know, “Look, we’ve never worked on this particular machine, we don’t know what to do,” and his answer was, “Sorry, we don’t have enough staffing, you’re going to have to work on it.”

“Jennifer” explains that after voicing her concerns to management, she wrote a letter to her representatives in Congress. Three months later, the TSA fired her. She also states that she never read the “Screening Checkpoint Standard Operating Procedures,” which is the TSA’s guide to screening procedures that, as Jonathan puts it, is what the TSA uses to defend their employees’ actions when they’re accused of fondling travelers inappropriately.