Can we put a moratorium on the pranking of strangers? Because let’s be honest, you’re probably not as delightfully whimsical when you prank people as, say, Jim in “The Office.” No, you probably more resemble a psychopath, or at least a bit of a dick. Like, say, the guys in Ylvis (you know, of “What does the fox say” fame).

Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, the brothers that make up Ylvis, went on a Norwegian TV show recently and got into a really small car with a train horn attached to it. Then they drove around honking the incredibly loud train horn at strangers, and then laughing as they jumped in fear at the sound of their eardrums puncturing. This prank wasn’t invented by Ylvis. There are a ton of videos of American douchebags doing this to total strangers and then speeding away while giggling about how pissed people look.

Yeah, people look pissed because their ears are bleeding, or because you just shaved fifteen years off their life so you could break 100 views on YouTube, you jackass. At the risk of sounding humorless, I’ve actually had this prank done to me in Jersey City (not sure if it was filmed or not), and I thought I was about to be hit by a truck that was two feet away. Then we wondered for a few minutes if it was some sort of storm warning siren. Point being, this is a dumb prank. Stick to lightheartedly messing around with your friends and stop making me soil my pants in public.