Making fun of Walmart is like shooting fish in a barrel.

AS FAR AS I’m concerned, everything is much funnier when said by a British person. Take The Office, for example. The American version doesn’t even come close to the original series (and I just read Ricky Gervais is working on a Chinese version). In the same token, a British accent also raises the level of credibility of anything said, especially when it comes to commentating soccer/football.

In the above video, Alex and Liam — two young British guys — are in the US visiting that most American of institutions: Walmart. They get a kick out of the sorts of things sold in the supermarket, and I get a kick out of watching them get a kick out of it. But back to the accent thing. Imagine two North Americans in a shop in a foreign country making fun of what they sold. It’s hard to imagine it being funny (to anyone other than the toilet-humour crowd) and they’d probably get blasted for being ignorant and insensitive.

I tell you, the British can get away with anything.