When the plane takes off

When you show up to orientation

When you receive your first care package from home

When the care package just makes you really homesick

When you find your friend group

When you figure out the public transportation

When you successfully order in the local language

When you tell your friends from home you’re spending too much money

When your host family tries to feed you

When you’re not aware of a local holiday and show up to class

When a teacher understands school isn’t the number one priority

When a club doesn’t charge you to use the restroom

When class meets at a museum after a night out

When someone doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke

When absolutely nothing is open on Sundays

When a friend visits and tries to speak the language

When you find out none of the classes you’re taking will count towards graduation

When everyone back at home is posting about finals

When you have one week left

When you say goodbye to the people you didn’t like in the first place

When your friends ask you to describe your experience in just a few words