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Abbie Mood

Abbie lives in Denver and can usually be found doing something with her dogs, Daisy and Sadie, or working on her dog training business. In addition to working with dogs, Abbie is a freelance writer and pre-k special ed teacher.

European Union exhausts fish supply in less than 6 months

Climbing could be in the 2020 Summer Olympics

Shark fishing banned in the Bahamas

ATF director speaks up about Operation Fast and Furious

Exxon Mobil pipeline ruptures, dumps oil into Yellowstone River

Italian company fires women so they can stay home with the kids

Warm Current launches fundraising campaign to support youth surfing

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei released

Escape to adventure: Los Angeles

Matador’s Andy Hayes donates prize for Kidney Raffle

Organic tequila from farm to glass

Conservacion Patagonica protests HidroAysén

Shark finning is wrong, help stop it

Drug-related violence continues to escalate in northern Mexico

Nonprofits in Ojai work together to change the town

How to help animals after a disaster

How to help the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan

Heaven Rwanda: A restaurant with a (social) mission

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