Benjamin Jordan stands for Adventure. Once an established fashion and advertising photographer in Toronto, Jordan fell deeply in love with paragliding and chose to combine his passions into a medium for positive change. His aerial pursuits have landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records and resulted in multi-award winning films, such as "The Boy Who Flies," the inspiring story of a young Malawian man's struggle to become his country's first paraglider pilot. Proceeds from his work have allowed Jordan to devote time to philanthropic endeavours such as the School of Dreams Project, connecting the beautiful people of Malawi with the quality paragliding equipment and instruction they need to realize their dreams of flight. When Jordan isn't off flying or filming in some remote corner of the earth, he calls Honey Bus, his 26-foot converted school bus, home. Together they weave through the Rocky Mountains in search of new places to live, shoot, edit, and fly.