The Nowhere Men

The Nowhere Men are a regular-guy-turned-adventure trio from New York City. They’ve left their stable corporate jobs and lives behind to drive the world and film it for a travel TV show. They know little about cars and less about cameras. They’re currently on a mission to drive from NYC to the southernmost tip of Argentina, otherwise known as the “End of the World.” This will be a 15,000+ mile, 9+ month adventure. In partnership with a production company they are filming their adventures for future television/internet distribution. There is no film crew and the Nowhere Men are the producers, cameramen, planners, and on-screen adventurers while on the road. In summer 2014 they completed the Mongol Rally, an epic 10,000+ mile drive from London to Mongolia. Website/blog: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Our podcast on iTunes (it's awesome):

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