Lindsay Clark

Lindsay Clark has spent the last four years circumnavigating the world three times, hoping to learn constantly by throwing herself into difficult and thrilling situations. Currently, she's the Media Specialist and newMedia Instructor at THINK Global School, the world's first global, mobile high school. Lindsay also runs

Haiti in view: Life post-earthquake

Haiti in view: Tent cities

What a stabilizing rig can do for a filmmaker

Five minutes of Syria

Three brothers leave for a roadtrip south

Thailand: the sweet chaos of life

Lindsay’s favorite travel videos of 2010

The ‘Nomading Film Fest’

Moment of Zen: Ghana in fog

A street level view of New York

Three weeks in Egypt 3

Pat Blute is a travel video Ninja!

Three weeks in Egypt 2

Three weeks in Egypt 1

Moment of Zen: Gatineau hills

A tourist’s eye view of Bangkok

Village life in the Fijian highlands

Catching waves in Mexico

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