Michael Bonocore

Michael has been a fixture in the photography industry for over seven years. His photography journey started as a hobby, primarily learning his way around a DSLR by shooting landscapes around his home in San Francisco, California. Soon, he started accepting paid assignments, from commercial ad campaigns to weddings, but his passion for traveling with camera in hand was too great to ignore. Michael started visiting locations all over the globe, documenting not only the beautiful landscapes of the countries he visited, but also the lives of the local communities. Michael began working with international nonprofit organizations to help bring awareness to the causes that he was passionate about. Through the workshops that he leads for The Giving Lens, he has taught children the art of photography in countries such as Nicaragua, Peru, Jordan, and India. He has documented the work of elephant sanctuaries in Thailand and he has helped bring awareness to women’s cooperatives in the Middle East. In addition to being an ambassador for Matador Network, Michael is also a frequent contributor to photography websites Resource Magazine, Fstoppers, PetaPixel, Borrow Lenses, and SmugMug. You can view Michael's Photography work on his website bonocorevisualstudios.com.

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