Man’s first responsibility is to be happy. The second is to make everyone else happy. ~Cantinflas

LUCAS IS FROM BRAZIL. He traveled to Australia and, while there, turned 30 years old. From the above video:

    Since I arrived in Australia a lot of beautiful things happened in my life. So on the day I turned 30 I decided to celebrate being grateful to people who live in Sydney.

Along with friends he wrapped up 30 gifts, including: a 30-minute massage voucher, a skateboard, chocolate, and much more, then they wandered about handing them out. The video below is the “behind-the-scenes” and, in my opinion, even more touching than the other. Especially the end. (I have to admit, while sitting in a cafe putting this together, I had to blink back some happy tears.)

I’m going to be turning 36 next month. A lot of beautiful things have happened in my life since I moved to Nelson in October 2010. 36 gifts to 36 Nelsonites?

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