Yes it’s true, after 8 months of slaving over this magazine every morning (and often night), it’s finally reached that magically happy place of attaining decent ad revenue. This comes from a variety of sources, including Google Ads, Text Links, Sponsored Posts, and Banner Ads.

Starting July 1, I will be paying $20 for each original published article. Which means that Brave New Traveler has now entered the ranks of a paying publication.

What is an original published article? It’s an article that is not published anywhere else (including your own blog). This is important for a variety of reasons, but mostly to avoid search engine confusion.

Reprinted articles will remain unpaid, since the reward for an article reprint is usually wider author visibility and traffic sent to their own blogs/websites.

So thanks again to all the readers and writers that have contributed to the success of Brave New Traveler! I’m excited to see what the future holds…

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