A day started by three globe-trotting brothers, to reflect, digest, and think about why you do what you do.

DID YOU KNOW that today is an obscure but necessary holiday? From the official Bang 7-Life Day website:

Existence. An obscure blend of time and moment, person and place. This life. your life. Bang 7-Life Day is about climbing the bank of life and getting away from the water. Observation. Retrospection. Digestion. To look at yourself, your life, and to realize what’s real, what’s important.

BNT contributor Jeff Eager and co-star of the OLN travel series “Which Way To” invited me to the event. I was intrigued so I caught up with him for a quick interview.

BNT: What is Bang 7-Life Day?

JEFF EAGER: Bang 7 – Life Day is a day of appreciation, reflection, and detachment. It falls on June 7th, the middle of the year, which is the perfect time to slow down and remember what is really important in life – your health, your family, your friends. It’s a safety net day to detach from the rat race and remember that life is not a competition but a journey that we all share.

How did you come up with the idea?

Bang 7 was conceived by us three brothers in India in 1999 during a 15 month overland trip from England to Australia. After being embraced again and again by so many poor and struggling people we realized that money, possessions and titles aren’t the most important things in life. These people opened our eyes to what truly makes a person happy.

Why is this type of day important?

Today the world is too busy, too impatient, too selfish and too wired (Internet, iPod, iPad, iPhone…) to know what’s real and important. We have become blind to the real beauty of the world, each other, and simple existence. Bang 7 is important because it makes us step back and think about how quickly life speeds past and how we all waste it on trivial things. Bang 7 is a beautiful slap in the face!

What are some of the reactions you hear from people who participate?

People dig Bang 7. From Iran to Australia, Mexico to Malaysia, people embrace the holiday for its simple and powerful importance. We are all the same all over the world and we all realize we need to step back and ‘take 5’ from this wild rat race of the 21st century. Bang 7 allows people to strain the bullshit from the beauty.

What about the possibility of Bang 7 year?

A Bang 7 year would be totally cool. I would love to take a ‘year out’ and just spend it doing good deeds, meditating, and promoting a year of heavy banging. I think millions of people would get on the bus and we’d get a real movement going. Maybe lobby to get Canada or Australia or England to make it a national holiday.

Check out the Facebook Event and learn more about Bang 7-Life Day.

Feature photo by Mattias E Johnsson

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