Matador Ambassador Shon Bollock was recently featured in the #besomebody: Passion Portrait video series. Speaking poignantly about the highs and lows of pursuing dreams and ones own path in life, Shon reminds all of us that failure often comes before success and it is how we deal with these failures that will define any future success. In his words, failure in pursuing your passion forces you to answer the question, “is the juice worth the squeeze?” I believe anybody who has consistently pursued passion over convention would agree: It most certainly is.

From the #besomebody project

#Besomebody is the fastest growing Motivational Movement in the world. Our Passion Portraits showcase people across the world who embody the #besomebody lifestyle by living their passion, building their dreams, and inspiring others along the way.

Shon Bollock is a professional kayaker and owner of Shasta Boyz Productions, based in Mt. Shasta, California.

Shon was dipped in white water before he learned to walk, introduced to the rapids by his father at just two months old. His professional kayaking career has gained him numerous sponsors, taken him to four continents, and allowed him to grow his other passion — filmmaking. Check out Shon’s work at Shasta Boyz Productions here.

The power of #besomebody is in its lack of definition. There are no limits, borders, or boundaries. It’s as big as you make it, and as personal as you take it… It’s yours. And that’s why anything is possible… Together, we’re creating the most inspirational movement of all time.

Filmed on location in Half Moon Bay, CA.
Music: “I’d Still.” Jonny Gray.